nDisplay with output from 2 different cinecameras

Hello Forum people - my first post here so hello to all !

I am using UE4 when setting up “forced perspective” and “scaled” camera moves in the movie industry and I am trying to get 2 CineCamera output in to 1 - with a controllable wipe between Cam A and Cam B

If I understand correctly its not possible to make a material from the CineCamera output and target it to an object and since I need focus and iris values I cant use the SceneCapture2D function

So I am looking at outputting Cam A and Cam B running in 2 same projects on 2 PCs if necessary synched up - using nDisplay

Is that possible to source 2 different CineCameras output in this way ?

then I can later in the pipeline do the overlay / wipe etc

Soory if its a stupid question but I have just lately started to use the fine UE engine.


Allan O
Motion Control Specialist