Ndisplay/Switchboard Error code 23 and 1

Hello, I am working on setting up an Ndisplay cluster with five different machines. I have my project added on every machine with the correct file path and editor path specified for each machine. All of the computers connect but when I go to launch unreal I get the message “program with id xxxxxxx exited with return code 1” Followed by the same message but for code 23. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(The first image is the switchboard listener for one of the connected machines and the second is the switchboard terminal on the main machine)

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did you over find a solution to this issue @Andyho44 ? I’m encountering the same scenario

I fixed this issue by manually copying the project file onto the other machine’s network shared folder directory. Without it it won’t run on the other machine.
It seems like Unreal automatically creates the folder on the network shared folder directory as well, although everything couldn’t get sent over? I am honestly not sure. If somebody have a better explanation please enlighten.

Actually you need to make sure your render machine’s uProject Path is set up correctly. I think that’s it.