nDisplay stereoscopic rendering dx12

I’m having some problems producing a stereoscopic image in nDisplay using the dx12 graphics api.

I’m using UE 5.0.3 and a nvidia quadro with stereo activated.

The desired switchboard nDisplay settings are as follows:
Render API: dx12
Render Mode: Frame sequential

When I use dx11, I get a usable stero image.
When using dx12, the fps are roughly cut in half compared to mono render mode, but I don’t get a stereoscopic image.

Are there any solutions / information on this issue?
Any help would be really appreciated.

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We’re also having this issue, did you find any solution here? Dx11 works out of the box, dx12 just shows a mono image.

Hi guys,
I’m encountering the same issue – it works fine with DX11 but not with DX12.

However, even with dx11, there’s a significant drop in fps. In the editor, the application runs at 120fps, but with switchboard, it drops to 22fps (with frame sequential) and around 50fps (without frame sequential).

Did you encountered a similar problem? Thanks in advance!