nDisplay / SteamVR conflict?

I’m working on updating a cave environment to work with Unreal Engine (we’ve been using Unity). I’m able to get nDisplay to work properly on other computers (1 window, 4 viewports), but when I try to run it on the cave computer, I get a single viewport stretched to fill the window. Based on the research I’ve done so far, the most likely culprit is SteamVR. I found another person who had the same issue, but there were no answers on his post. Has anyone experienced this issue? Have you figured out how to fix it without getting rid of SteamVR and uninstalling all of the VR hardware? (We need SteamVR to run the headtrackers for the old Unity-based setup).


Nevermind! I answered my own question. Disabling the SteamVR plugin in Unreal Engine solves the problem.

Yes. The same problem for all HMD plugins including Oculus.


yes, same Problem here and I now will figure out, if I really need the Steam VR-Plugin activated, or if I can get the Data from the Trackers without it.