ndisplay plugin: applications are closing on loading a new level

Hi there,

I am using n-display plugin for rendering multiple display. I am running the same application in two different systems. It is working fine, the camera in the second application is moving in sync with the camera in a first application. But when I try to load a new level, both the applications are closing without any error message or crash report. I checked with ServerTravel Command and Open level with “?listen” option to load a new map. Both are giving me the same results i.e. my applications are shutting down.

When I checked the log file of second application, it is showing

-------------------------------- Start of Log Message--------------------------------------------------------------
LogDisplayClusterNetwork: Warning: CLN_CS - header-chunk recv failed -socket error. Cluster integrity disturbed.
LogDisplayClusterModule: UE4_soft application quit reqested: Something wrong with connection (recv). The Cluster is inconsistent. Exit Required.

--------------------------------End of log Message------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

please help me.

If I ran a single application alone, then there was no closing or crashing on loading a new level.

Use 4.22 n display plugin. Events are given there.

use events to load new terrain in the same frame.