NDisplay limitations in a single computer. Resolution problems when setting up listening nodes.

Hi guys, I have been working and studying the NDisplay system for some weeks and I found some problems that I were unable to overcome and there is very little or none existent documentation related to this issues.

1- listener nodes positioning.
2- maximum resolution and main display constraints.

1- I can position the first listener render node of a Ndisplay very well using different monitors, moving and scaling it is not a problem.
But I can’t set up a correct position in subsequent listener nodes as they would position at the 0,0 position no matter what I do. So the Ndisplay is useless whenever you use more than 1 listener node in a single computer. (in my case I need 4 outputs). This looks like a crazy limitation and is probably a bug. (4.25 and 4.26 have this same behaviour).

2- I’m using an alternative setup with a Quadro. Whenever I have the mosaic as the main display and I render fullscreen I will work OK (the mosaic is big 7680px x 1080px as it is a 4 x 1080p combination).
In case I set another monitor out of the mosaic as the main display, the mosaic render node will print a fatal error and will close.
So the only way to make this work is to have the huge MOSAIC display as the main display in the windows system and the other little display one as an extended space.
This ruins the workflow and usability of the system.
The behaviour I discovered is as follows:
you can’t use a bigger resolution than the main display whenever you render a listener node. No matter what video card or setup you have, if the main screen is smaller than the secondary screen, the display drawing content in the secondary screen will fail with a fatal error. If I set up the main display to be 1024x768, and I would render the display node in my 4k secondary screen, the only way is to set the size of that node to be 1024x760… if I increase that size it will always fail.

This also looks like a bug and an error.

I really wonder what can I do to overcome these problems. I can document the issue in a deeper way and maybe share examples of the problem.

The work I’m conducting is within the Extended Reality Lab in the School of Creative Media in CityU Hong Kong. If you have any support channel with whom i can talk it would be fantastic.

best regards

I’m setting up a CAVE with 4 screens.

I have 2 options, a single computer with an Nvidia Quadro card with MOSAIC, and a single computer with a 2080TI Nvidia Card.