nDisplay GPU affinity in 4.25

I noticed that in 4.25 the release notes state the following: “You can now assign each nDisplay cluster node to render using a specific GPU” (see here under New: nDisplay Improvements:…_25/index.html )

Does anyone know how to do this yet? I assume it is a parameter we put into the nDisplay config file to assign cluster node IDs to the same IP address but different GPUs, but I can’t find any documentation of what that parameter might be.

I think I figured it out! the parameter is literally just gpu=“0”, where “0” is the GPU index. Just append it to your cluster node definitions with the GPU ID you want to use.

@b34npour cool one! thank you for this comment, very interesting piece of info to look after.

Hey, by the way, I assume you are doing hardcore things with Ndisplay, I’m moving forward with it very much.

I have an issue though: Whenever a create a cluster with a new Application window I have 2 main problems:
1- I can only move the position of the first cluster I load
2- I can only set up a resolution that fits the size of the main display (so I need to make my video wall to become my main display with mosaic)

let me know if you faced these things, would be ace to have feedback.