Ndisplay EasyBlend


I’m working with an nDisplay setup using the EasyBlend policy files. I have the policy files that I have gathered from my Scalable Display Manager. When I go to run nDisplay all I receive is a blank screen. I’m running UE 4.27.2 on Windows 10. I did the configuration setup in the editor. When I launch the node in switchboard it just gives me a blank screen. What am I missing to get a display?

Raptor, any luck with finding a solution with SDM & EasyBlend. I’m troubleshooting a similar issue.

Yes! I did, took a lot of contact with scalable themselves to troubleshoot, but once we got it working we did.

Our biggest problem was that I was not getting the generated nDispaly file from the SDM and then the next thing was you have to make sure that the project file was not set to read only. The other thing was use DirectX11 not 12. Not sure why, but it seems to be the default. We also had to make sure that the files blend files themselves were ending up in the proper location

I might be missing a few things, since I’m responding off the top of my head, but those were the big ones, Let me know if you have issues still after trying.