nDisplay - can a Window map to a display by number vs. desktop position?

My setup is a 3 wall CAVE, passive stereo, running off 1 PC with 3 Quadro K5200 GPU’s. I have a few questions about the nDisplay config format.

  • it sounds like one way I would do this is make 1 master node with 1 window and 6 viewports?
  • is that different from making 6 nodes all on localhost, each with 1 window and 1 viewport?
  • is it possible to just specify a physical display for a window, instead of defining it by desktop coordinates? Similar to the way in Unity you can specify a camera’s display by number, without worrying about the desktop geometry. I’m thinking the advantage is that you wouldn’t need to also set up Mosaic.

nDisplay dev here,

having 3 app instances with 2 viewports each for each video card would be the best approach.
In the upcoming 4.25 you would be able to assign each cluster node to videocard via config file.

not yet, work in progress!