nDislay closed socket immediately after opening

Trying to simply launch nDisplay in a single node cluster from Switchboard. Both my listener and multiuser server are running.

The socket connection closes immediately after opening with the following error>

Node_0: retrieve_log with id 60d9e63c-25ae-4825-8997-ad9825d57e4f was successfully started

[19:35:24][I]: Node_0: Program with id 60d9e63c-25ae-4825-8997-ad9825d57e4f exited with returncode 10

[19:35:24][D]: Ended retrieve_log 60d9e63c-25ae-4825-8997-ad9825d57e4f

[19:35:24][D]: Node_0: device status change: CLOSED

Also checked my log file and see " LogDisplayClusterCluster: Error: Node ‘Node_0’ not found in the configuration data"

Apparently you are not supposed to rename your nDisplay device after adding it in Switchboard?