NavMesh Volume Help

Hello! I try to make a top-down viewer using third person character mode, create the controller to this and all functions, variables on third person character blueprint, changes on project, world settings, etc, but when I put a NavMesh Volume in a Custom Map doesn’t work. What can it be?

Click the Nav Volume in the scene and hit P. If the ground it contacts with does not turn Green - make sure its collision is turned on.

If that doesn’t work, lift the nav volume til well away from the ground plane, and then lower it back and see if it turns green.

If it still doesn’t work, save the project and close it completely - and it should work when you reopen it.

What type of collision?

I don’t think the Type matters, only that the ‘floor’ or whatever else you are having them walk on has collision on it. Otherwise the Nav Volume isn’t including it in calculations so you won’t have any movement.

I did everything and nothings change. =/


I needed to create a auto convex collision to work perfectly! xD