Navmesh takes time to recalculate after loading


I am currently struggling with my project, its a tell tale game made with ue4. I’ve used Level Streaming on it to be able to know whether a level is loaded or not. So my problem is, In my persistent level, I drop the nav mesh there, and then after the check if my level is loaded. It takes time for the nav mesh to load to but my level is already loaded. In my Persistent Level I’ve set the ‘Runtime Generation’ on Recast actor to ‘Dynamic’. of my nav mesh. It works, but the problem is the nav mesh takes time to recalculate eventhough my level is already loaded. Am I doing it wrong? Please help. Thanks.

Should I put the navmesh in my level? not in the persistent level? and set Runtime Generation to Dynamic and Force rebuild on load to true?

Okay I fixed it myself. :slight_smile: For future purposes if someone of you encounter this problem. If you are using level streaming you might set “Fixed Tile Pool” to true and set the “Tile Pool Size” equivalent to the size of your navigation. and also set “Tile Size UU” equal to “Tile Pool Size” to be able for unreal to generate that specified tile size. *Thread Close.

I just wanted to say thank you for this, I would have absolutely never figured it out and it made a huge difference for me!