NavMesh Static not Static at all

Hi, I have a project using Navigation Meshes for control a character, I have the navmesh system as Static but in the game I remove some objects and it changes the NavMeshes of the game. The main idea was to make the navmeshes Dynamic but in Dynamic it takes so much time to refresh the navmesh in iPad so I tried static. I create and after delete some block volumes to generate the whole NavMesh as static, but when we delete the blockvolumes after a couple of seconds (or minutes) it also modifies the NavMesh

I don’t know why it happens even if the NavMesh setting is set to “Static” and “Force Rebuild On Load” is turned off


Are you trying to prevent the blocking volumes from affecting the Nav Mesh?

Could you provide some screenshots of the behavior you’re seeing before and after removing the blocking volumes?


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