NavMesh Setup with Level Streaming?

I just began working with level streaming and I’ve got some problems with it. I have a persistent level that’s almost empty and I want to load different environments into it by level streaming. The sub-levels contain a NavMesh. From what I can tell they get properly loaded, too (when I turn their visibility on, it looks ok). But my pathfinding doesn’t work and I assume that the NavSystem doesn’t know about the streamed-in new nav-data. What do I need to do here?


This is currently a problem with navigation streaming. Take a look at the forum post I linked below. It should contain the information that you need to get this working properly.

If this does not resolve your issue, or you have additional questions, feel free to let me know.

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Thanks for replying. I don’t know, if that’s a solution for me. I posted in the topic.

I will mark this topic as resolved for now. When you get a chance to test that solution, feel free to respond to this thread if it is still an issue.

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Got it:
You don’t need to set it to Dynamic, this couse a huge fps drop.
Just setup two NavMeshBounds, 1 into you Persistant Level and 1 into your Level Stream.
I do so by just copy/past my NavMesh and use CTRL+M to add the copied one to my Level Stream.
And important as well is: You have to make all the level stream visible to make nav meshs work well.

Works fine for me :wink:

Don’t forget to mark the answer for the others…

excuse my stupidity…what’s STRG?
I tried CTRL+M, but nothing happens because it is not bound to anything in my keyboard shortcuts. And I’m not sure where exactly to click before doing that
EDIT: ctrl+M moves an actor. i wasn’t able to copy and move it right away, but anyways I edit>duplicate the navmesh, edit>copy, make sure the destination level is selected in Levels tab, right click in the viewport, edit>paste. and then adjust position.

Yeah I figured that :slight_smile: anyways thank you for your answer, it worked for me !

i m sorry, mb. I m from germany and our CTRL key is called STRG :slight_smile: So its CTRL+M.
And you also need to know: You have to make all the level stream visible to make nav meshs work well.

Just follow this answer without any dynamics and automatics.

But if the streamed levels are visible then they are already loaded on startup, aren’t they? Doesn’t that defeat the point of streaming levels?

I guess when building navmesh you set stream levels visible