NavMesh Rebuild and Doors

Hey guys,

I’m having an issue with the NavMesh Rebuilding.

Here’s a gif showing the issue:

As you can see, the character cannot pass the void until the NavMesh has re-built to allow the path, but this takes a couple of seconds.

I tried using a proxy, but if you hold the mouse down to run through, he kind of just ends up spinning on the spot until you unclick. I’ve also tried this with a nullArea on the door, so only the proxy is linking (thought maybe the navMesh and link were clashing).

Does anyone know a way to correct this? I’ve built the whole thing with Blueprints only, my coding knowledge is limited to PHP and Java.



Just make the door not affecting the navmesh and your problem is solved :slight_smile: Such stuff shouldn’t affect the navmesh.

Wow… I was working out all these weird around the houses ways of getting around the issue. When it’s pretty much just a tick box. Sigh. Thanks dude, solved my issue XD