Navmesh Problem

Hello i have the following problem whis my pawn. They stop when i move the camera ._. .The problem occurred after I had upgraded from 4.5 to 4.7.2 , before that everything is fine.If “Rebuild at Runtime” is off, everything is ok, but it’s useless. What can be the problem? He only stops when he put the stone back. Sry for this english :slight_smile:

Landscape “Max LODLevel = 0”

Blueprint “Move to Location”

help :smiley:

If you enabled navmesh debug drawing you’d probably notice that your camera is affecting navmesh, and when you move it around it makes navmesh rebuild. Go to your camera’s or player pawn’s BP and/or C++ and make sure all components have CanEverAffectNavigation set to false. And let me know if it helped :slight_smile:

I’m just guessing here (but it’s an educated guess!).



I’ve already tried, but thanks. The figures are always standing when the NavMesh updated “rebuilt” : /

Thanks! It worked! Spend much time looking for solution!