Navmesh problem, game breaking

My AI was getting stuck on corners, and I read that I should fix this by altering the agent radius under project settings/navagation system. However, when I raised or lowered this value the navmesh projection didn’t change, but my AI stopped moving altogether. I’ve hit a roadblock, is there a solution?


I haven’t run into this issue myself when working in any of my AI projects. Would you mind zipping up the project, uploading it to Dropbox, and providing a link to me through PM on the forums so I can take a closer look?

I’ve taken a look at your project and the AI seem to be moving fine on my end. I did, however, have to grab the Nav Mesh Bounds Volume and scale it up a bit to make it fit the level. Once I did this, I saw the AI moving around the level and performing their various tasks. What is the exact behavior that you’re reporting as an issue?


Hey , so after trying a million different tactics and a lot of failure, I finally figured something out that may or may not be helpful to you guys.

On my end, scaling the navmesh’s radius under project-settings/navigation caused all my AI to stop moving without giving any errors. The solution, of course, was so obvious that I never thought to do it. The problem was that my recast navmesh did not automatically adjust to changes in AI radius, but if I deleted the recast navmesh and allowed a new one to generate it would adjust itself to my new radius. I’m not sure if this is a bug specific to my project, or if this is just a normal function of navmesh with a slightly unintuitive solution.

Hopefully this information will help you in some way. Thanks a lot for your time I really appreciate it.

Thanks for investigating the issue Jarbles. I’m glad that you were able to get your project to work. I’d recommend in the future trying to Build Paths after you make the changes to see if that makes a difference, as this should cause your changes to be applied to your current Nav Mesh without having to delete it.

Have a great day

Good to know! Sometimes in teaching myself Unreal I miss functionalities like that.

it just unreal nav mesh really does not work on complex buildings only really work on open flat area I have a large prison map and covers great outside but there is 95% missing inside the mash on most of it comes to a triangle nothing covering stairs and some areas are not showing it at all unreal needs to fix the problem with with the new games that come out this out dated nav mesh no longer works quit coming up with wow look at how this water or car shines big deal as nothing to do with any thing people want.