NavMesh Pawn

A couple of probably silly questions, but hope someone can put me right! Is the Vr Pawn bound to the NavMesh?

If I raise my NavMsh height will the Pawn detect the height change?

I have imported a 3D Max Scene but has come in higher than the NavMeshfloor in the template. rather than lower my imported model in UE4 can I just raise the example NavMesh to the imported models floor height?


Not sure I fully understand your question. The NavMesh volume is used to identify an enclosed mesh which the pawn will walk onto / teleport to. It doesn’t really matter where the NavMesh surface (the green plane) actually is, this is just a visual aid to show how it has identified the enclosed mesh.

Thanks Marco,

I was trying to understand if the NavMesh Volume needs to be placed at 000 coordinates in order for the Pawn to function at the correct height during game play.

if your imported model comes in at a higher on screen position and you don’t want to move it, can you just move the nav mesh and Pawn up in height to match the location of your imported floor?

Sure you can. 0,0,0 is just a convention. You can move your mesh anywhere and the pawn will still be on it.