Navmesh only affects instanced static meshes in one tile

I’ve got an actor that spawns a number of instanced static meshes to form a maze. But placing a navmesh over it seems to only consider the instanced meshes within one corner of the actor’s root. The size of the affected corner depends on the navmesh tile size. Any instanced static meshes outside of the tile the actor’s root is are ignored most of the time. Occasionally it works throughout all the tiles. In the left image it worked properly (happens very rarely). Then I only moved the maze actor slightly, it stopped working and only affected the top corner tile (middle image). If I scale the navmesh tiles up 10 times, it works in a much larger area (right image), but still only in the one where the actor’s root is based.

Why does it do it? How do I fix this?

Hi Bohrium,

Are the meshes you are spawning spawning from the construction script or are you spawning them on begin play? Additionally, does this occur in a blank project with no additional content?

I’m spawning them in the construction script and I also managed to cause the same problem in a new project in the 4.7.6 version of the editor.

I just downloaded and launched my project in 4.8.0 and everything seems to function properly there.

Hi Bohrium,

I’m happy to hear you are no longer having this error as of 4.8.0. I will mark this as answered for tracking purposes. If this occurs again, please comment back with updated information and I’ll be happy to take another look!