NavMesh MoveToLocation with Pathfinding without AIController?

I have an issue with my player controller, im trying to use click to move mechanics and i tried using Simple Move To location, but this function doesnt use pathfinding, my character gets stuck to walls because its going in a straight line without pathfinding, and i cant use pathfind function with PlayerController, i need an AIController in order to use the AIMoveToLocation function which also has a Pathfinding checkbox but it requires my controller to be of type AIController which is not possible it needs to be a PlayerController based class.

Is there anything i can do from blueprints so i can use pathfinding when i click to move to a navmesh location?
I noticed AIController class has a PathFinding component, is there any way i can create a C++ PlayerController and add a pathfind component to it, then somehow use it in blueprints ?

Did you find a way? I am on the same path. - Oh, a pun.

I tried unpossessing and re-possessing on path end but that did not seem practical.