NavMesh MASSIVE BUG? Incorrect tooltip? Working as intended? "Once enabled results in entire world being navigable" not true? The cake is a lie?

Please read the first image, then explain the part about “Once enabled results in whole world being navigable.”

Navmesh should be “Navigable anywhere in the world”
IT is limited to a specific area, if you scale the navmesh UP too high, then it will not work after a certain distance

I feel that one of the following should be changed:

  1. The tool tip should not state “entire world”
  2. I should be told what I am doing wrong with my workflow to get it to work as intended.
  3. It should be fixed (if the tooltip is correct)?

Steps to reproduce:

1.Generate a 10km x 10km landscape in world machine

  1. Import the landscape as a single landscape (not tiled) however I heard it also has the same issue in tiled landscapes
  2. Create navmesh bounds over entire map (zero out the landscape at 0,0,0) Set the navmesh to be 6000,6000,5000
  3. on scale, also centered at 0,0,0
  4. Create an AI with a navigation invoker
  5. Create simple behavior tree to move to a location using “Random Point in Navigable Radius”
  6. Test at highest point on landscape
  7. Test at lowest point
  8. Test at farthest point from 0,0,0
  9. Test at 0,0,0
  10. Make sure you are using all the same settings i am using in my pictures below.