Navmesh is not building properly on all the landscape

Hello everyone,

I have the following problem, in UE5.0 EA: on a very large landscape, the navmesh is not building properly; Next I will add a few screenshots of different size variations of the navmeshes on the landscape (yes I have tried other landscapes, different inclinations (with weirder results), very large static meshes, etc):

I found little written documentation about nav meshes, especially something that concerns my issue, but I have tried the following with no success:

Change tile size (didnt make sense but…);
change max simultaneous tile generation;
change tile number hard limit;
change region / layer partitioning method;

One thing there is worth mentioning, I made another landscape with 0 rotation on the Y (unlike the previous) put a very large navmesh on in and it built it UNDER the landscape.

I’ve spent 2 days on this already trying this and that, Unreal Discord couldnt help me this time.
I know I could use a dynamic navmesh with invokers on the AI, but because the AI would need to have a very large detection/movement radius (about 150-200 meters) it would have to have a very large invoker range and it simply tanks performance (i’ve tested it on my ryzen 5 3600 and performance fell from 120 fps to 30-40 while the AI was “chasing” me and generating the navmesh).

So a static navmesh will have to do, but im blocked because of this issue.



On 5.03, with world partition, I have this kind of issue, even with dynamic navmesh and invokers.

Did you find a solution ? I’m trying to play with parameters but… Only meshes placed on landscape seem to always be “seen”.

I found out that my landscape was using LOD1 for simple collision. Looks like navmesh doesn’t like it.


Thank you for actually posting your response to your own question it may help someone one day!

Not sure if anyone is still viewing this but I had the same problem and checking ‘fill collision under landscape for navmesh’ worked for me.

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