NavMesh in AR project


I’m new to UE4 and interested in AR. I already managed to create a character and put it into a first person and third person project. I followed some tutorials and was able to create an AI BP to make it walk randomly or follow the player. Now I would like to bring the character to an augmented reality project but I do have some questions about how to achieve it:

  1. How to I create a NavMesh for the character from the ground planes recognised by the engine?
  2. is there a way to detect light sources an adapt assets illumination to somehow match natural light?
  3. Is there any chance that the detected surroundings are somehow stored so that the game can at next launch detect the already known environment an place assets where they where placed in the session before?
  4. Is there a possibility to also recognise non horizontal flat areas but also irregular terrain, so that assets can be placed there (e.g. plants)

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Check the ARSessionConfig. It is a data asset in the content browser (red icon). Is has all these options already in it.
Create a project from the Handheld AR template. Look through the project and see how it works.

read articles by Joe Graf: Joe Graf – Medium

always check for current bugs beforehand, because AR in unreal engine is a broken mess.

@CosmicLobster Thank you so much for your response, will check it out. So AR in UE is a mess? This is bad news.
I think, in less than a year AR glasses will hit the market and explode like a bomb, in 2 to 4 years the will start to replace standard smartphones. So SW dev should start now! Too bad that UE is not ready to play.