Navmesh Help

Im gonna sum this up quick, basically i have multiple AI and only 1 is really unique. That 1 is allowed to go through walls and other objects. I’m currently using the “Can ever affect navigation” to false and it works perfectly for that AI. But for the others that cant go through objects its affecting them negatively. Because the object is set to not affect the navmesh they walk/sprint into walls. I’m already using multiple agents in the project settings but the “can ever affect navigation” affects all nav mesh’s i believe. Is there a way around this or a different way to achieve what i am attempting to do?

Anyone have an answer?

You might be able to use the nav mesh modifier volumes to solve that.

I tried already and it didn’t really work out.

You could use different area classes for nav modifier volumes. What are the different Nav Mesh Obstacle Area Classes and what to they mean? - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums here is related question.

My impression of that system is that it’s working alright, but it wasn’t that stable back in the 4.14 day when I needed to use that. Hope that’s fixed now, and there are more comprehensible tutorials to really understand what’s going on.

Main idea is that you can create new area classes and assign them to the obstacles. Your AI can decide does it want to pass that area, or not. You can even make some areas not ony passable/impassable, but assign them a “price” of passing, meaning that AI will avoid it until there are no other options (areas that are easier to pass) to reach destination.

Other option is to use two or more nav-agent types. (You can set it in project settings). That usually is for multiple sets of NPCs of different body sizes or means of locomotion. Several different NavMeshes for the same area? - AI - Unreal Engine Forums for example