Navmesh generating too far from objects... how can I get my nav mesh to provide pathing through tighter spaces?

Hey there,

I am working on a turn based tactics game. I had my own pathfinding implementation using a*, but I am thinking I will switch to unreals built-in pathfinding.

A unit on my grid is 100x100 unreal units in size. However, if I have a single square that is open, surrounded by walls (i.e. a door), navmesh doesn’t find doorway as a valid point and it is not used in pathfinding calculations.

Does anyone know of anyway to tighten nav volume to fit through these spaces or any way (other than using nav link proxies) to get mesh to work?

here are two examples:

Hi danforstinger,

Take a look at RecastNavMesh’s Details. Agent Radius adjusts how close nav mesh sits to a mesh that alters nav mesh. Lower this number and you should see that space become walkable. Note that if collision for actor attempting to navigate through that space is too big, it still won’t make it.

Hope that helps!

Hello. Wondering if there are other solutions? Tried this approach, even dialed Agent Radius value all way down to zero and I still have gaps - though they are a little closer now…

A bit of a late response here, but for anyone stuck with this:

Lowering Cell Size will let you have better resolution at a higher cost, and should solve above issue if you have already lowered Agent Radius.

If you’ve lowered Agent Radius and Cell Size with no effect, make sure that you go to your project settings and add a Supported Agent under Navigation System → Agents, and then set it’s Agent Radius there.

It seems that if you do not have any Supported Agent set, it will always reset Agent Radius to a default value, no matter what you have set in other places.