Navmesh for teleportation from a static platform (subway station) to a movable platform (train)

Is it possible to do that?
The player is at the station and, when the train arrives, he must teleport into the train. When the train starts to move,
the player will go along with it because I created a box collision on the train floor. When arriving at the next station,
when the doors of the train open, he should teleport himself out of the train, where I placed a second NavMesh.

I would like to know if I did it correctly (pictures below). I do not have HTC Vive and I will send it to colleagues who have it,
but they are lay in game development.

Thanks in advanced!

i have the same problem, it seems nobody really knows how to solve this. In the VR mode (i use the Vive) it is not default that the character moves along with moving objects such as elevators and trains. Probably because its not a real character, and misses the characteristics of the characters in all other templates.