Navmesh Doesn't show after building

Reproduce Steps:

  • Use your own static mesh. I’m using a corridor, all four sides are covered by walls.
  • Use navmesh bound to contain static mesh corridor.
  • Build.

green navmesh doesn’t show. At first I though there is no navmesh built, but after I adjust navmesh bound, green areas show without a 2nd building.

Sometimes you just need to move mesh a little bit. That will cause it to refresh and repaint to show green (or red) navigation paths.

  • Press P to toggle visibilty
  • Make sure Mesh is covering entire area
  • Rebuild Paths

yeah, I figured. just want to point out so Epic would fix that. Thank you!

Hey kindfox,

I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue. Which version of engine are you using? When you place Nav Mesh Bounds Volume in level, do you see Recast Nav Mesh appear? If you go to Project Settings > Navigation System, what is Dirty Areas Update Freq set at? You mention your static mesh being a corridor… could you either provide that asset here or show me an image so I can recreate it? Thanks!

Hi , it’s ok. I use P to toggle visibility now, it works

Moving static mesh a little also works. I didn’t change Dirty Area Update Freq, it’s 60

Yeah… this is still a problem. Was following a tutorial and couldn’t get it to build. Then saw this and moved it back and forth, pressed P a few times, moved back and forth again , and then it finally showed up.