NavMesh doesn't rebuild when I place an Actor with a BoxCollision

I have an Actor that contains a BoxCollision component in its hierarchy (not the root) that I want characters to pathfind around when it’s placed in the world. However it doesn’t seem to ever affect the NavMesh. I’ve tried both placing it while it’s simulating and in the editor before I play, neither seems to affect the mesh. I’ve looked at several similar questions as well and none of the solutions worked for me (CanEverAffectNavigation checked on the component, Rebuild at Runtime checked on NavMesh and in Project Settings). What else might I be missing? Thanks.

Just as an update to this, I added collision to the StaticMeshComponent the actor had and it did start updating the NavMesh. However, that doesn’t explain why BoxCollisions aren’t causing the NAvMesh to regenerate.