Navmesh built inside of mesh

Apparently it seems that navmesh are built INSIDE of a static mesh. I’m looking at this from the default Top Down Example. Is this intended? This is causing EQS to be considering these areas as valid.

This isn’t necessarily a problem – if a character starts outside the teeny nav areas, they’ll never path to inside one, since the area isn’t connected to the outside. If you want to “pick” locations on the navmesh for a character to walk to, just make sure you correctly handle the case where there is no path to the destination. (This is a good idea regardless.)

Alternatively, you can give the static meshes a navigation modifier, with area UNavArea_Null. That’ll prevent any navmesh faces from being generated inside them. Note, however, that the modifier tags the whole bounding volume of the actor, so this won’t necessarily work properly for large, complex-shaped meshes.