NavMesh Bounds Volume problem

Hi, I’m now making a vr base project but facing a big problem(may be…) at setting up the Nav Mesh volume. I can’t see the green area when i press the P key…I tried to looking the solution from other’s forums but no way out…there is only a imported FBX floor plane with texture applied.I’ve no idea why this happened… it’s work fine when I open the other project or a brand new project…could any anyone give me some hints to solve this issues…Thanks!!

Hello geelau and thank you for posting.

A few things I would try looking for would be:
The scale of the NavMeshBoundsVolume.
Its location in the level.
the height of the volume.

junqfisica has a few more options for you to look out for in their reply such as collision parameters and even some tips on correcting any meshes that may have the issue as well.

I hope this helps.

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Did you setup a collision on the imported FBX floor plane?


Hi Polite_Muon,

Thank you very much for your reply!!
It work now!!!

PS i’ve no idea why I can’t find the answer inside the forum…

Hi vesplneauto007