Navigation with ULevelStreamingDynamic


Currently we working on rouglike-ish project with dynamic world generation and using ULevelStreamingDynamic::LoadLevelInstanceBySoftObjectPtr. We tried to use baked(?) navigation but it seems like it does not load. We concluded to use nav invokers placed in the center of the map and this worked, untill we updated engine to 5.1.

Navigation does build tho if you load straight through map (in game we load from main menu with lvlstreaming).

Things I’ve tried: Attach NI on player character, set nav mesh bounds on movable, spawn NI via map bp at Begin play, nothing worked.

Does any body have any idea on what happening?

Further more is there a way to use “baked” navmesh with ULevelStreamingDynamic::LoadLevelInstanceBySoftObjectPtr?