Navigation weird problem using VR template

Hi everyone,

I’m using the VR template for my project, and using it for quite a long time, it worked well until now.
My project is basically a VR visit of a set of 2-3 apartments, nothing too big, but still a nearly 200m² surface. I set a NavMesh Bounds Volume, user can teleport on the surface I set navigable, everything works nearly fine.
But there is one small place the user can’t go…I checked NavMesh Bound Volume, and Navigation (using “P”), there is no object on it , and no Nav Modifier Volume either, it is place that is supposed to be perfectly walkable, but the VR teleporter doesn’t detect it as walkable…it works perfectly fine anywhere else except for that small place (something like 2m²)…

Anyone got an idea of where this might come from ?

I wonder if it might be because of a too big nav mesh bound volume, I don’t know if there is a limit ? Sometimes Unreal “removes” the Complex collision of a floor mesh, making it unwalkable, and I have to reset it manually to make it walkable…

I"d really appreciate any help anyone can provide.