Navigation system picking wrong agent

It seems that the AI is consistently picking the wrong agent for some reason. heres the setup vs what is being used.

The AI Visual logger seems to keep showing that VehicleAgent is unable to find path.
Am I doing something wrong here. I have tried to change these options to no avail :

  • update nav agent with owners collision
  • preferred nav data .
  • nav walking search height scale.

no matter what I set it’s always choosing VehicleAgent.

Un-check “Update Nav Agent with Owner’s Collision”

That check-box tells the engine to override the “Nav Agent Radius/Height” values using the physical dimensions of the pawn’s collision.

Side-note, agent values need to be > 5 units apart for the engine to detect a difference between agent types.

It’s 4.27 now and this is still an issue.

It kind of baffles me why we are not allowed to pick NavAgent on our own. I have same size units, one can step on ledges (like colossi from SC2) and I cannot tell the system which is which in an easy way apparently. Why is it only size, why are stuff like “can fly” or “step up height” ignored?
Automation is great but it is NEVER good to not allow human correction, as win10 has proven over and over again.

Let us pick it, pretty please?

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I get it, this is old but apparently not fixed even in UE5? If it is, do tell but at least in blueprint, I saw no reason to believe that.

I have two agents, tell the navmesh bounds to support only 1 and it builds navigation for the other one… what’s the point of a setting if it gets ignored?

The two agents have different settings, like one can step up quite high (hovercraft) but the radius is the same so I’m guessing the system chooses the one latter added to the agents list. Ignoring my SupportedAgents setting if the radius is the same…

I’m truly sorry to whine about this again but years later and this still isn’t done despite being a relatively obvious problem. Why force automation if it doesn’t work? Just let us choose agents everywhere, please?

(Actually tried removing all supported agents from the navmesh bounds (I have 4) and it still built 2 RecastNavMeshes…)


I have the same problem in UE5.3 its so annoying