Navigation pathing and Capture volumes

Just a quick line on this:

Has anyone looked at creating a script which takes the navigation pathing and uses this for stuff like auto-placement of capture cubes and spheres?

Just…I’m sat here looking at my unreal map going through its usual lightmass rendering at ‘production’ level and can see all of the navigation purple lines and capture spheres and it just got me thinking.

Is this possible to script in? I mean, the navigation mapping surely has a lot of information contained within it, like character height etc. Not looking to walkover lightmass, but this does take a long time and as far as I can tell is really down to me and no one else in terms of:

and type and placement of lights

and placement of light importance volumes

and placement of post-processing volumes

and placement of capture volumes

…and the dark-arts of post-processing settings :slight_smile:

I’m just looking at ways to shorten build-time of lightmass and general optimization in an automated way. Something similar to:

  1. build nav
  2. run script
  3. View autopopulated spheres
  4. profit?

Thanks in advance…

Hey there,

(: It would be nice if we could keep an overall nice atmosphere here. No need to get upset about something that simple.

Sadly i must agree to the statement that you need to stick to one thread. You are free to bump this first thread if you haven’t
received an answer for 4 days.

I will merge them for now and remove the discussion. Please feel free to contact me if you have anything to discuss about this

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Awesome! thanks for the clarification - so this is not a blueprint issue and cannot be resolved/solved in blueprints.

I am surprised it can’t but hey, I guess there are limits to what can and cannot be achieved in a blueprint.

At least now I don’t have to expend time (which was the issue to begin with) on blueprint creation.