Navigation: Navigation path does not consider other actors

Somehow the NavMesh does not calculate in other Character-Actors into it’s pathfinding.
When selecting one of the two Actors (boxes) and clicking behind the other, the Unit moves in a straight line towards the point until it gets stuck on the collision Box of the other actor and fails to move on.

Image attached: red path showing the current pathfinding, blue path how i want it to be.
What settings are required to do that?

I’m having the same problem.

The character collision volume is set to effect navigation, which makes these red area’s appear on the navmesh.

I don’t know if this red area is what I want, but it isn’t updating during runtime. (despite being set to Dynamic)

Hi StreakyCat, the best way that i found to get this kind of behavior in my NPC is extending the AIController from DetourCrowdAIController. The DetourCrowdAIController instead of use the normal UPathFollowingComponent it use the Crowd Following Component.

I tested the Can Evet Affect Navigation, this only work if you mark your Nav Volumen to generate Dynamic at runtime. But, do not give me the desired behavior.

Try extending your AIController for DetourCrowdAIController.

Best regards

thanks for the reply, i will test that tomorrow and let you know if that worked out for me :slight_smile: