Navigation generating only on one navmesh tile?

Im having issues using the navmesh while procedurally generating my levels.

On begin play I spawn a bunch of static meshes via blueprint then force a navigation rebuild when everything is created, however even when the navmesh volume contains fully all the objects the navigations only gets build for one of the navmesh tiles as shown here:

If I change the RecastNavMesh tile size to be bigger the generated navigation area is also bigger but still just one navmesh tile:

If I place the meshes manually everything works as expected, is there something Im missing or is this a bug?

Can someone elaborate on this? I’m having the same problem.

I’m having the exact same issue, if I can figure out why then I’ll let you guys know.

Also experiencing something similar to this issue. I have a fairly small area with a dynamically generated floor, and dynamically generated blocks (walls). The floor is completely covered by navmesh, but only the first tile excludes the blocks.

Same issue here

Hi all,

By default, the Navigation Mesh is set to Static, meaning it will not update with changes to your level. If you are dynamically shifting your level during Play, you’ll want to make sure the NavMesh can adjust with it.

To do this, go to Project Settings > Navigation Mesh and change the Runtime Generation method from Static to Dynamic or Dynamic Modifiers Only, and the navmesh should update with changes to the level with its bounds.

Note that the NavMeshBoundsVolume must encompass everything in the level that you would like the navmesh to appear on.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions.

HI Ben, all those items done, no dice. thanks

Can you recreate this in a new project? If so, can you upload it somewhere so I can take a look? Thanks!

I have recreated it in a blank project.

But i also found a couple of workarounds. if using c++, there is a workaround here: [4.6.1] - Navmesh not generating over instanced static meshes - Asset Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

and if BP only, I found that creating an invisible static mesh that only blocks on the pawn channel under the generated level causes the entire area to have a navmesh generated. I am not sure of all of the implications of this approach yet though.

Can you upload the blank project somewhere and send me a link? I’d like to test and enter a bug report if necessary. Thanks!