Navigation fail with Dynamic Modifiers Only

We are working on a dynamic maze project (C++) and we has created a simple own algorithm to move the player across the maze, but we tried to change to our algorithm, to use the new feature of runtime navigation of UE4.8 (Dynamic Modifiers Only). When are used the full dynamic configuration it work fine, but when configured to “Dynamic Modifiers Only” the navpath is not drawn. The NavigationInvokerComponent was added under ACharacter class (via Blueprint) and the maze areas (StaticMesh) is spawned in-game.

The images below show the test, in both we has used the command line “show navigation” to see the navpath and the last image is a sample of custom StaticMesh used to create the maze areas.

What’s wrong?

Problem solved, the right configuration must be:

[Project Settings]

  1. Engine > Navigation Mesh > Runtime
    Generation: DYNAMIC
  2. Engine > Navigation System > Generate Navigation Only Around Navigation Invokers: CHECKED


  1. Add a NavMeshBoundVolume.

[Pawn or Character]

  1. Add NavigationInvokerComponent. (not into PlayerController)

Tested with 4.8.2 version.

That’s all!!!