Nav Mesh not working on HISMC

i have runtime generated hierarchical instanced static meshes. i couldnt get the navmesh to generate navigation around the meshes. My character was running into the static meshes. I could have sworn it was working earlier but it just suddenly went bonkers. Repeated changing of settings, deleting of immediate/binaries folders, retracing the old change, reimporting of mesh, deleting and replacing of mesh… didnt do any miracles. Is there any special settings or steps that i need to take note of for runtime generated HISMc with navmesh?

nav mesh = lazy
nav mesh generation dynamic.
Character with nav invoker.

My bad. I have solved the problem.

Navmesh if there should be any initialization to its size, location and have the

XXXXXX must be setup first before spawning other runtime HISMcs.XXXXXX

Funny thing is that it was working fine earlier. Something must have broke the initialization, forcing me to move it much earlier for load game or new game. Found the weird behavior that some were fine but newly started/loaded game wasnt, when i doing loading and saving.