Nav Mesh Bounds not working in 4.20

I recently upgraded to 4.20 and I noticed all my AI characters stopped moving. So i looked up the Nav Mesh Bounds, and it doesn’t seem to be generating a NavMesh anymore. I didn’t have to change any project settings or Navigation settings earlier to make it work. How do I get it working on 4.20?

Not had the opportunity to use navmesh on 4.20 yet, but from 4.18, I remember simply moving the mesh would update it. As far as I’m aware, there were no updates to navmesh in 4.20. Any time my navmesh seemed to disappear I would move it slightly or delete it and create another.

Yeah I used to do the same thing on 4.18 and 4.19. But not having any luck in 4.20

No they’re not. I can’t see the NavMesh when I press P either.

Are your characters clipping meshes at all? I tend to place them ever so slightly above the mesh at the beginning.

Well the nav mesh was not building for me too. I was able to fix going in Project Settings → Navigation Mesh → checked Forece Rebuild on Load. closed and opened the project again and worked.

Have you come to a solution Abeysaurus?

I have the exact same problem now, out of nowhere :confused:

No I haven’t been able to sort it out. Yeah it just randomly stopped working. Again, I haven’t spent much time trying to debug it as i was busy working on other stuff. But I do plan on re-doing my AI, so hopefully doesnt happen again

Hi Abeysaurus,

I posted a bug report to epic with my project and they managed to sort it out for me.

What I had to do was adjust my Project Settings > Navigation Mesh > Generation settings. They were too high (some were 700s, some were 270s). I set them to be lower and the mesh started appearing again.

Hope this helps man!