Nav mesh and Character BP cooperation questions

I have an enemy that runs around on the nav mesh. If I leave the nav when it runs to the end of it it stops. If I re enter the nav mesh it doesn’t chase me Anymore. Simple move to actor. And it plays it’s running animation and once it stops it goes to idol but it doesn’t know to chase me again.

How would I achieve this???

I still need help with this if anyone can give me an idea of what i’m doing wrong or what I need to do…

are you using behaviour tree, or hardcode your AI logic??

I do everything in state machine in the anim bp and then of course the bp that owns it. I don’t know how to use behavior tree or I would try it. But like I said. Sometimes they just stop. Like they’ve came to a spot with no nav and just stopped and go to idol and stay there untill maybe I attack them again.
Is there a way to stop it from just giving up when it runs to where the nav mesh ends?

what i mean is, the move to actor… are you use the controller->moveToActor or use the behaviourTree task MoveTo ??

Oh. I’m using the controller move to actor. In the BP.

I still haven’t really gotten to the end of this…
Is there something else I should be doing? I’m just looking for the way MOST users set this up. Maybe that will give me an idea of what I’m doing different.

if it’s like that you had to check the return value of your MoveToActor. because i think the problem is your moveTo function return maybe abort or failed so it affect the path generation. just a though thou

There’s unfortunately no return value in this node.

seems weird, if you take a look at this :
AAIController::MoveToActor | Unreal Engine Documentation.

see, it will return an enum of EPathFollowingRequestResult