Nav mesh and ai.

Is it possible to have multiple Nav meshes layered on top of one another each applied to a different AI type? I am trying to create s pedestrian AI who will stick to the sidewalk and crosswalks, a vehicle ai to stay on the roads, and then an enemy AI which can cross over both. If there is a better why of doing this please let me know, if you can point me to a tutorial that would be helpful. Thanks.

You use nav modifiers to mark different areas of the navmesh then you can use query filters to manage the different types of AI. There is already a good tutorial for this,_How_To_Use_Nav_Modifiers_Query_Filters

Absolutly, you can define more nav agents in project settings. Every nav agent has properties like radius, so navmesh for vehicles will cover only places where big vehicle fits. For every agent new mesh will be generated. You can then toggle nav mesh drawing with command cyclenavdrawn

Thanks that seems to be far better than what I came up with.