Nav Link Proxy "Left/Right" is broken!

I have AI running madly at the “Right” portion of a specifically “Left to Right” nav link. Is there any work around for this? Is this a known bug right now?

Additionally, are there any alternatives to Nav Link? Ultimately I’d like to have the system tied directly into the blueprint I’m placing around so I don’t have to place hundreds of individual Nav Links all over the level.


  • Could you provide a screenshot of your details panel on your Nav Link?
  • Could you provide a screenshot of how you are using it in your level?
  • Could you explain in a bit more detail exactly what you are trying to use the Nav Link for?

Thank you.

Make sure you’re setting “Left → Right” in the proper type of link. NavLinkProxy supports both point- and smart-links, and it’s easy to confuse the two. By default you’re probably using point links, so make sure you’re changing entries in PointLinks, not smart link.




Oh gosh, I can’t believe I missed that. I was setting the smart link option, unaware that the point link option could be expanded. That solved the issue! What exactly are “Smart Links” vs “Point Links” ?

Oh interesting… While I have you guys here, I’m using Nav Links in my level to tell my AI that they can enter vents (teleporters) to find a faster route to their goal essentially. So if an enemy hears a noise far away, instead of traversing the entire building by foot, they run to a vent and I have some script that interacts with them hitting that point that teleports them to where they will pop out at. Is it possible to implement this Nav Linking within the vent/teleporter blueprint itself in some way so I don’t have to manually place many of these links across the entire level? It’d be much nicer to place the vents around and then have a drop-down in the blueprint itself to just pick a specified destination.

When you use smart links NavLinkProxy will be getting notification when AI starts and finishes traversing given link. This allow for some custom animation handling of the traversal, for example.

Needles to say smart links are more expensive performance-wise.