Nature Package

looking quite good, and nicely integrated.
are these hand-made?

from a technical point of view I think you should revise your LOD policy. reducing a mesh from 13k to 10k is not enough of a reduction to justify the cost of extra assets in memory. and then you butcher-slice it into a quarter of the polycount for the next LOD (I would bet the transition from 10k to 2.5k will look obvious)

a good practice is to roughly cut by half for every LOD. so 14k becomes 7k and then 3.5k

I assume you are not providing the sky material then?

Looking very good … I myself use a program called Forester PRO and Medusa PRO from HPTWare for all my rocks and trees requirements. Yours are very good but as Chosker said … his rule of thumb is a very good rule of thumb to use.

Good luck with your pack and the sales. 8-}

order66 Sky shader will be available, but without texture.
**Chosker ** Yes, it is an ideal system. That’s just it does not always work, especially on objects such as trees. I did Lod so that they look good visually.
The transition between from 10k to 3k.

Really nice! will defiantly vote for it!

Very nice work. Do you have any other packages that you are planning on releasing?

65$ is perfect price for such perfect assets ! :slight_smile:

Voted yes, great package :wink:

Looks amazing. Name your price and I’m in!!!

Looks awesome, Alex!

EDIT: Messaged you!

Still have my eyes on this! I really really hope this makes it soon!

Any ETA about the release ?

Just purchased this and I am very impressed. definitely worth it and perfect for my project.

Threw this down in a couple of minutes.

only downer is no collision on the trees.

This package is really grate. Nice to see it in marketplace now.

this pack looks grate. I really think the 2 yellow plants textures need some improving, they look a bit out of place compared to the other work.

just wanted to say this pack is really really good, low tris but the vegetation still looks great! can recommend this

sanford what are those castle meshes? i really want to see them closer :3

It’s from the ruin pack. I’ve got a few more pictures that are better here:

and here

announces a new update for natures package, which will soon appear on Unreal Market

changes :

  • added a new demo level
  • fixed bug with smoothing groups on trees
  • added water shader
  • normal map for stones increased from 2048 to 4096
  • added two new diffuse map for rocks
  • leaves texture maps conifers and trees increased to 4096
  • bark texture conifer and trees increased up to 2048
  • texture flowers and grasses increased up to 1024
  • added to the model and texture of water lilies
  • added new detail texture for pine bark
  • in the base shader Paint vertex (switch parameter)

few screenshots of the new demo level:

Does this pack affecting to wind?