Nature Package

Hello guys
Present to you nature package.
This set of high-quality trees, spruce, flowers and grass.

you can vote for me here:

Few screenshots:

and video (See in high-resolution)

Nice work! How much should it cost?

Looks awesome! Wondering as well, how much will this cost?

I think the cost will be 85 $


85$ seems to me like a quite a high price. But just me and my opinion. I do understand that there is much work put into it etc, but still, 85$ is to be honest quite off putting for me.

wow 85 is alot, you can make unlimited trees with speedtree for a couple bucks more…
Really nice work tho!

Voted, would like to see this great stuff on the market :slight_smile: But yes, $85 is way too much. I would pay up to $20 for this.

You have my vote! But I would personally suggest between $40 and $60. From a business standpoint, offering at a lower price will make it more affordable for people who can’t spend $80 + right away. You’ll make more because of it being lower and more people will be happy to buy it. Hopes this gets onto the market place soon! I could really really use this! Could you potentially make this available off the UE4 Marketplace?

OK guys, how about the price of 65$
I am guided by unreal market. Set of grass there costs 15$ and a set of stones 20-30$
irridium77 License speedTree costs 19$ per month if you want you can use it))

will you include LODs?

whats tris for the trees? looks good :slight_smile:

Yes every trees have a LOD
the smallest tree:
0LOD - 776 tris
1LOD - 592 tris
2LOD - 288 tris
the biggest tree:
0LOD - 13390 tris
1LOD - 10012 tris
2LOD - 2516 tris

As someone pointed out, price range between 20 - 60 where 60 is basically no go. Realistically price range 20$-30$ will get you more than 60$-80$. But this is just my opinion and the product is yours, and ultimately it will be you who will decide about pricing. But unless it will go down in the range of 30$ I will not even think about buying it.

This is the best kit ever I don’t know what you all talking about lowering the price that much, It is amazing job that took long time.
65$ is a really acceptable price and I am going to buy this!

The price is good. You people who think 85 USD is too much for this much of high quality assets are really… well, wrong. 85 USD is only about few hours worth of normal work. It’s a bargain.

Yes, but what about those who have families and bills to pay for also? Those few hours really matter to some people. In the end he chose a good price that anyone who could afford to buy a brand new game off the shelf could afford. I think $65 is awesome. I’d buy it right this very second if it was available!

Well I suppose then you shouldn’t be developing games :stuck_out_tongue:

I think 65$ is a great price. Paying 65$ for “just having fun making a game” of course is too much, but until the moment where you have to create a trailer for Greenlight or some other place you can just use placeholders for everything and don’t need to buy a single asset.
And if you know that the gameplay side of your game is “ready” to be released or previewed somewhere, you also know you will make money out of your game some weeks/months later (depending on how fast you get through greenlight). And if you already know you will definitely sell your game for money in the near future, 65$ is really not much.

This pack really looks awesome and since my game will have a lot of foliage it’s exactly what I need :wink: Of course I will not buy it before I definitely know I will ever finish my game :stuck_out_tongue:

What have you used for the clouds? The lighting really looks great. Will the preview scene you showed in the video also be included in your package?

John Alcatraz The sky is just HDRI material with a texture from site Yes, the scene will be available.

It would take me days just to Setup the Pivot Painter Material :rolleyes: so $65 should be ok.

would def buy if you include billboard lod :slight_smile: