Natural Logarithm - ln(x) Is this in the engine?

**Wondering if this was added to the engine? > Natural Logarithm - ln(x)

Been looking for it for awhile now. I found this > static float Loge(float A);

Will this work for what i’m after from above?**

I know** Log(float A); is used in c++ for the place of the mathematical](mathematical - Bing) term ln(x).

When i search the files i find Log(float A, float Base = 1.f); which is using 2 params, so that’s not it.

but i find Loge(float A); and it seems to match param wise and it is the only one that way.

If log(x) has been changed to loge(x) would someone at epic confirm this?

If so, how confusing to change c++ CODE function names from what they are stock to something different. Very frustrating to say the least.**

Hi, you could test what loge(x) outputs for x = e, so for 2.718… it will be 1, if loge(x) = ln(x)

Otherwise I only found


which is the logarithmus to basis 2, and since

ln(x) = Log2(x)/Log2(e)

you can also use that instead.

Thanks, i missed that 1.


Testing both to see which gives back the proper info, thanks a bunch.