NASA being full-time badman with Orion once again!

So whose checking out the awesome stream from NASA on Orion? Naturally mine crashed 30 seconds before launch but the replays are amazing.

Some amazing images here too, The one of the Delta IV with the three huge flames coming out is ridiculously impressive!


I could watch the stream without any glitches.
Nice to see that the US once again manages to get rockets off the ground… :slight_smile:

same here, the stream got stuck just before launch, watched it on the replay, i always think those delta’s are going to pop with the big flames just before it goes, shame the whole program is so slow but thats life.

can’t wait for Dragon 2 to launch though

still watching on NASA Television | NASA

I find this space stuff super exciting :smiley: -> especially the fact that we are able to send humans into space + looking forward to see the first humans on the mars :stuck_out_tongue:

Watching this as well, just 25 mins to splashdown now :slight_smile:

Watch here: NASA Public-Education

And they did it! Not a bad couple of months for the Space Industry…

Sending humans to Mars is pointless and expensive, instead we need to send robots to every planet in our solar system.

Its about the fact that we are there then. I mean, currently we are not on mars, etc.
Our robots are, but we are not. People who have been out there (Apollo), they were there and can us tell about it. A machine cant do that.
Its like Im watching a documentary about Australia and then claim “yup. been there, done that”.
Unless some of us were really there, it will all be just remote expierience and theory.
By the way, one geologist could gather more data on mars in an hour than a clumsy and awkward to control robot in a week…
Granted, the robot needs less life support and can endure a somewhat harder landing, making it cheaper, but nobody ever said that spaceflight is freemium :slight_smile:

Expensive yes, but far from pointless. We are going to travel to other planets at some point, why not start building the infrastructure for that now? imo it is a much better use of resources going to another planet and having the people sharing their experience with us instead of sending robots to take pictures & drill rocks, even if all we got out of it was inspiration.

Besides we are going to need a new planet to occupy in the not to distant future if we keep up our current pace.

Robots can last for a decade or more fully operational and can work non-stop. There’s no point arguing about this, humans are not made for space, let the robots explore and build bases out there in case one day humans can visit.

yeah and people die above 12mph, thats why we have a guy with a flag walking in front of our cars

Woot! Feels good to get back into the ring!

Who would want that. After a decade, the robot is working with 10 years old technology.
You dont design your games with the original Unreal editor, do you? :slight_smile:

Their software can be updated at any time. Their hardware too can be upgraded but not frequently since an excavator is still an excavator.

Hmm what might be better, sending upgrade parts plus an assembling robot to retrofit a robot on mars (new more efficient solar panels…), or send a complete new robot without wear and tear ?
Software/firmware upgrades are rather rare and often limited to bugfixes. In these areas, “never touch a running system”, is a golden rule.
But even umanned spaceflight is having its budget troubles. If they hadnt canceled the Mars Communication Orbiter, we could send more capable robots over due to more available payload…

If NASA had a good budget and focused on actual space exploration instead of playing with weather models here on earth…

If asked Id go live on Mars.

But why Nasa is happy to get a capsule in orbit is beyond me. Doesn’t sound promising if thats an achievement again. I mean they brought people to the moon and the orbit is full of sattelites.

NASA and ESA could send 3D printers along with a new breed of robots to build a basic infra-structure for humans to spend some time in Mars.
There’s water so we could build a purifier and O2 breathers.

The sun could kill them, never mind the 1 year trip in a small capsule.

Humans can’t offer more than robots. What would 2-3 humans do there?