Nanite Tesselation / Displacement Map in Unreal 5.3


I know there are hundreds of posts on this topic but I can’t make it work still.

I have inputed those two nanite lines into the .ini file and nanite works but displacement doesn’t show up in the material still and the nanite displacement material (inside the static mesh) also does nothing.

How can I setup Displacement, I have a brick wall I need to displace it.

I tried all these methods including mesh displacement (it’s not enough and is slow)

I am using ray-tracing, lumen etc…

Did you enable tessellation ? select the material node and set it to true, you might also need to check Used With nanite


Thanks for answering.

I searched for it but I don’t have that tick at all. Does it exist in UE 5.3?

I will look again I’ve went through it countless times. Maybe it has to do with material type or something else?

Any further advice? Nobody knows how to fix this…