Nanite + RVT for landscape blending not working?

I have this weird issue where trying to use RVT to blend nanite assets with the landscape result in a weird white texture inplace of the landscape texture.

Here is the picture:

And the weird part is that it seems to properly sample the lanscape and apply it to the nanite mesh albedo as can be seen of this Unlit view:

I would like to know if anyone has a solution for this and it’s just something wrong with my set up or if it’s a UE5 / Nanite issue that can’t be fixed for now.

Also just to be clear i did test the RVT blending on a normal static mesh and it work as expected. But neither the normal static mesh or the nanite mesh worked with DitherTemporalAA.

It’s either your material setup or you found a bug. I’ve tested the majority of RVT features with nanite and never encountered anything like that.

Since it looks fine in unlit but super bright and white in lit perhaps its your specular? maybe unhook it from the rvt sample and replace it with a constant just for testing, see if that does anything

Thank you, i’ll give it a try