Nanite render artefact/flashes when rendering with MRQ / Possibly subsample related

So, I´ve been battling some random error frames when rendering with MRQ.
Looks a bit like a flash with some small objects in it.
I thought I had nailed it down a few times, but I´m pretty sure now its nanite related.
If I change the position precision in the nanite mesh, I can increase/decrease the render artefacts, if I completely disable nanite the problem disappears.
I usually render with antialisaing override on and set to none and then dial in the samples for clean images.
I currently work around the issue by tediously rerendering the faulty frames with slightly different subsample settings. I thought I found a solution by reverting to TSR, but that didn´t completely get rid of the problem.
Disabling nanite isn´t an option in some scenes, so I´m hoping there is some Cvar or another setting to get rid of the artefacts.

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Raise the solution? You mean increase the render resolution?

In a previous post I stated that Wiliam Faucher maybe had some issues as described by Acolori_Medien. That was wrong. The issue described by William was foliage related. Sorry.