Nanite mesh Uvs and Mesh Normal Issue

Can you share a screenshot of the UV layout?

please check the images below for uv reference. After converting to nanite, UVS are getting screwed up

I got the same issue just now, any solution?

Have you enabled RHI DirectX 12?

when I disable the nanite option, the texture is there. But when I enable it, the texture is gone, like the UV unwrap is not exist. Do I have to follow the steps here,

Because I am creating hard surface not organic shape like in the video.

And how do I enable the RHI DirectX 12?

This is what I am talking about,

This is if nanite disable,

When I enable it, it becomes,

It does not look right. Should I change some of the parameters? Or this is just a bug for nanite for now?

Thank you!